Baja California Real Estate

May 29th, 2015

BajaRealEstateMany believe that Baja, California is the next big boom in real estate. It is located at the northern most tip of Mexico, and also known as “lower California.” It has round year toasty weather and low cost living conditions. It is also easily accessible by land, air and water.

Residents are just a half hour away from the US border, yet it is one of the rare places where you can enjoy a perfect beach front. The place is famous for miles upon miles of fine white sand. It also offers some of the best fishing areas in the region.

Proximity Alarms: No More Worries

May 22nd, 2015

We cannot deny the satisfactory security that we have nowadays. This is why it is vital to always prioritize and consider a proximity alarm for your place or valuables.

Motion-sensor car alarm is also a must. These alarms are equipped with microwave frequencies may be able to detect movements within or that surrounds the automobile thereby sending warnings to the car thief and to you as well.

Parents who have toddlers or kids who love to wander around should consider having a kiddie alarm bracelets. These proximity alarm bracelet comes in cute and adorable design to match up the mood of your child. The range of this alarm could be pre-set in such a way that it could produce beeping sounds when the child is outside the vicinity.

Hand-held mobile gadgets are also hot in today’s society. The smaller the equipment is, the costly and eye-catching it becomes. So why not keep your valuables safe by acquiring a security device? It’s typically a small transmitter card that can be attached to your mobile gadget and screams loudly when it goes out of the programmed boundary. Hence, your laptops, PDA’s, digital camera, and cellular phones could easily be located when out of reach or is at the hands of the thief.

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The Royal City

May 15th, 2015

1.jpgAs a part of the Bulgaria City property, the Royal City is a closed type modern complex that provides controlled access which creates a sense of security and comfort to its inhabitants. The Royal City provides all the amenities that would convince any person to consider calling this place his home.

The Royal City is comparable if not better than other communities in terms of living conditions and facilities that are available for every owner. Some of the entertainment and services that you can enjoy from living in the Royal City includes:

  • 2 CDA Gardens
  • Playground
  • Rest Place
  • Health Center with Spa
  • Beauty Center
  • Café and
  • Restaurant

Floyd Wants to Lower Property Taxes

May 8th, 2015

4.jpgAccording to the Sioux City Journal, Gary Floyd would like to establish a common sense approach to the City Government by focusing on city services delivery and the lowering of taxes on property of citizens specially the small business owners and the retail workers.

Floyd said that although he supported the lowering of property taxes paid to the city, he does not want to see a reduction in the budget allocation for the fire and police departments. Two thirds of the city’s property tax budget is concentrated on the fire and police departments. He believes that he can accomplish a reduction of property tax rates without sacrificing the coverage of city services.

What to do with Your New Home?

May 1st, 2015


At last! Now that you are settled at your new home, the next step has now come. As you settle in your new home, there are still lots to be done. You should take time to clean up the place, redecorate, and put in all the furniture. Keep in mind that this is now yours. Monthly rents and such are now no longer your regular problem. The only thing you have to take notice now is to beautify your new “kingdom.”

Some people would prefer getting the church to bless the home first. But it all depends on the person who now owns this property.

Philadelphia Hospital Boom

April 23rd, 2015

6.jpgThere is currently a hospital boom that is being felt in the rural areas of Philadelphia where a total of $518 million were invested in three projects during the last six months with more additional projects to be launched soon. Philadelphia and surrounding counties have been the beneficiary of $4 billion worth of projects including the addition of one million square feet of hospital space in western Pennsylvania by the year 2009.

Out of the 148 Minnesota hospitals built since 2002, 56 are planning to either expand or construct new buildings with an estimated total cost of $1.57 billion. Signs of remarkable hospital construction surge can be observed everywhere with the expansion and replacement of the post World War II U.S. hospitals having the most significance.

Connected. Viable. Liveable.

April 16th, 2015


Every three years, leading experts and researchers on sustainable building gather for the Sustainable Building Conference in Melbourne to look for connected, viable and livable built environments and communities. How will this affect the average homeowner? Not directly now, but the innovations and studies to be presented over five days in September will influence policy globally. Or so we hope. The international panel of speakers gives a more global outlook to the conference. SB08 strives to be carbon neutral, with ‘zero net greenhouse emissions’ as its goal throughout the entire conference. That’s a good start if they also take into account the amazing pre-conference tours.

City Council Supports Park and Center Transfer

April 9th, 2015

8.jpgThe Lake City Council heard from landlords and authorized the negotiations for the control of Annie Mattox Park and Richardson Community Center to the county. The action was recommended by a subcommittee which did not specify if the transfer would be covered by a long term lease.

The two facilities which are currently being administered by the city have been allocated with a $350,000 budget for improvements. The Richardson Center is owned by the city while a portion of the Annie Mattox Park owned by an independent board is leased to the city. The city and the county have undergone major renovations with the Annie Mattox amenities which includes a lighted football field.

Swimming Pool Security

April 2nd, 2015

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Put extra locks on the windows and doors of your home leading to the pool area which cannot be reached by small children. Use a removable fence inside the permanent one if you need another temporary layer of protection like for example while the children are still young. Stick an alarm to the side of the pool so you are alerted if someone is in the pool when no one is supposed to be there. Or you can also use an alarm that floats. Let a safety professional put a safety cover compliant with industry regulations and remove it completely before using the pool to prevent somebody from being trapped underneath.

Cool House Tour 2008

March 26th, 2015


The Texas Solar Energy Society invites you to cool houses in Austin on Sunday, June 22nd, from noon until 6pm. The eighteen sites that are part of the tour are models in energy efficiency and green building practices. A variety of homes using combinations of solar energy, rainwater collection systems, green building materials, energy-saving climate control, and water-saving techniques will be open to visitors. To join the tour, purchase the guidebook online or from the Austin Central Market (starting June 1st). The guidebooks contain directions and the features of each site. Visitors also get the chance to talk to the designers, builders and owners of these homes.