Connected. Viable. Liveable.

April 16th, 2015


Every three years, leading experts and researchers on sustainable building gather for the Sustainable Building Conference in Melbourne to look for connected, viable and livable built environments and communities. How will this affect the average homeowner? Not directly now, but the innovations and studies to be presented over five days in September will influence policy globally. Or so we hope. The international panel of speakers gives a more global outlook to the conference. SB08 strives to be carbon neutral, with ‘zero net greenhouse emissions’ as its goal throughout the entire conference. That’s a good start if they also take into account the amazing pre-conference tours.

City Council Supports Park and Center Transfer

April 9th, 2015

8.jpgThe Lake City Council heard from landlords and authorized the negotiations for the control of Annie Mattox Park and Richardson Community Center to the county. The action was recommended by a subcommittee which did not specify if the transfer would be covered by a long term lease.

The two facilities which are currently being administered by the city have been allocated with a $350,000 budget for improvements. The Richardson Center is owned by the city while a portion of the Annie Mattox Park owned by an independent board is leased to the city. The city and the county have undergone major renovations with the Annie Mattox amenities which includes a lighted football field.

Swimming Pool Security

April 2nd, 2015

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Put extra locks on the windows and doors of your home leading to the pool area which cannot be reached by small children. Use a removable fence inside the permanent one if you need another temporary layer of protection like for example while the children are still young. Stick an alarm to the side of the pool so you are alerted if someone is in the pool when no one is supposed to be there. Or you can also use an alarm that floats. Let a safety professional put a safety cover compliant with industry regulations and remove it completely before using the pool to prevent somebody from being trapped underneath.

Cool House Tour 2008

March 26th, 2015


The Texas Solar Energy Society invites you to cool houses in Austin on Sunday, June 22nd, from noon until 6pm. The eighteen sites that are part of the tour are models in energy efficiency and green building practices. A variety of homes using combinations of solar energy, rainwater collection systems, green building materials, energy-saving climate control, and water-saving techniques will be open to visitors. To join the tour, purchase the guidebook online or from the Austin Central Market (starting June 1st). The guidebooks contain directions and the features of each site. Visitors also get the chance to talk to the designers, builders and owners of these homes.

Alternative Building Center

March 19th, 2015


Alternative Building Center in Eureka, California offers quality building products from paint stains and finishes to flooring, kitchen countertops to carpets, lighting to bathroom fixtures. The lines they carry are carefully selected green building materials to help you minimize your ecological footprint without having to go far from Humboldt County. ABC advocates Green Building and a health-conscious, environment-friendly approach to design and use. They also offer e-newsletters through their website. They will be celebrating their first year anniversary on June 7th, so stop by if you’re in the area to join special activities including product demos on that day.

Real Estate Investing

March 12th, 2015


Now that the mortgage rate has been cut, consider investing in real estate. There is a lot of money in the real estate market, but first you must know what properties make good investments. Many people agree that single family homes are good investments because they are easiest to buy. These homes can be found all over the country. Also, there are many foreclosures which can really do you well in the long run. When you find a foreclosure you will be able to purchase it for well below market value. In turn, your return on investment will come about sooner rather than later. Single family homes come at different price points and in a number of different forms. You can find lower cost homes or expensive ones. The choice is yours based on your available money, and what you are trying to accomplish with your real estate investment.

Look at vacation, time-share, real estate and commercial properties. Try


Eliminating Risks (Part 4)

March 5th, 2015

As mentioned earlier, your seller’s agent must be someone with credible reputation. He or she must be a professional who is experienced in such matter. The ones you choose would become your tour guides. They will show you the gory details of the property. Defects and strong points should be acknowledged. Even the smallest matters should not be overlooked.

Find someone who doesn’t hide the defects of the property and someone who doesn’t hesitate to honestly answer your every question. This would be better to avoid the risk of getting scammed. It is better to make sure about this important venture-investment.

Eliminating Risks (Part 1)

February 26th, 2015


Many people believe that there are already safeguards when entering or investing in the real estate industry. But this is where they are wrong. There may be a load of benefits in investing but there are still some procedures that require attention so as not to cause unnecessary consequences.

The author shall then discuss in the following articles about the possible ways on how to eliminate or avoid risks. This especially goes for amateur investors who are just about to purchase a home of their own. Intuition or feelings alone are not enough in this industry. You have to know and be sure so as to avoid jumping into a pit of trap.


February 19th, 2015

あなたがパリ、ロンドン、ニューヨーク、シンガポールに住んでいるなら、これらの重要な街に住む生活費を感じているでしょう。 世界の不動産ガイドの2008年の最も高価な街という記事によると、これらの街は最も高価なアパートやマンションを持ちます。 高度に都市化されたこれらの地域では空間は最高級品です。 そのため、ラッキーにもこれらの街に住んでいる人々はアパートやマンションを住宅として選択します。

もちろん、バルセロナや香港や東京や上海に住むには有利な点があります。 結局のところ、これらの街は商業、政府、レジャーの中心部です。 これらの街は文化と政治活動の拠点です。 また急速に都市化と経済発展を遂げている場でもあります。

あなたがこれらのエリアに不動産を持っているラッキーな人なら、ぜひ持ち続けてください。 貸すだけでも結構なお金を儲けることが出来ます。

Why Buy “Beater” Homes

February 12th, 2015

When searching for a home, you should not buy the most expensive in the block, but instead buy “beater” homes. For example, in homes costing $300,000, you can probably get a cosmetically unattractive home for low price of $230,000. Then with a little improvement like landscaping for $1,000, painting for $5,000, and fixing cracks for $10,000, you already have a $300,000 home value, which you have only paid for $246,000 including improvements.

Words of caution though, buy the house only if the problems are cosmetic. If the home has foundation problems or termite problems, it is not worth it to repair those because it will cost a lot of money.