Pros and Cons of City Living

City living can be so exciting especially if it is your first time. But just like every other place you will encounter, there are pros and cons. If you are considering moving to the city or are already in the city but confused if you should stay or go, here are the factors that can affect your decision.


1. There’s so much to do! It’s hard to get bored because the city always has a busy feel to it. There are malls, museums, clubs and bars that are always accessible.

2. Public transportation is always accessible. Getting from Point A to B is not gonna be a problem because there are several ways to do it.

3. There’s always quick help if you need it. There are people around all the time, 24/7


1. The noise will easily be a distraction. It will be hard to find a place that feels peaceful.

2. It’s always crowded and you can easily feel lost.


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