Bangkok City


With almost everything increasing in value, people in Bangkok or planning to live in Bangkok have something to be thankful for. Prices for Bangkok’s property market will remain stable this year. Thai property market did not heat up as feared in the 2008-11 period as opposed to the pre-crisis situation of 1993-96 and the rise of home prices are just appropriate since the country’s economy has been improving. Which means housing affordability is relatively high due to rising income levels. Bangkok is known to be an exciting city. Expats from all over the world flock this town because the lifestyle is quite “easy” (Foreigners are not allowed to own a property in Thailand. Only Thai nationals are, so rentingĀ  is the only option) Thailand‘s economy has a good future, though poverty is still very much wide spread and the overpopulation but the whole country seems to be keeping it together and the tourism is top notch.

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